Our Values

Efficiency. Transparency. Education.


We want to move your business forward.  We know you have numbers and deadlines to meet, and we strive to provide the fastest possible response and turnaround, because we know time is money. We offer affordable rates and a flexible billing structure. Our approach is always business-oriented and practical. And we are committed to our relationship with you from day one.


Confusion costs us all. We think that’s silly, and we’ll be sure you understand what we’re doing and what things cost. We are upfront and open—every step of the way—about the advantages and disadvantages of each path forward for your business. There are those who say legal issues in the business sphere are all about the fine print. Well, we consider it our mission to focus on the big issues and bring that fine print to light for our clients, and keep it conversational and understandable.


Over twenty years of experience in legal and business matters on both a national and global stage means we’ve got a wealth of knowledge to share. In fact—that’s probably the thing we’re the most passionate about doing. Knowledge is power, and, at CLG, we believe knowledge is the absolute best investment we can help you make in your business.

The world is a better place because of advances in technology, access to education and the innovative ways new business redefines economy and resources. Because of the industries we serve, we are passionate about contributing to a “better place” mentality in all we do.

As a permanent part of our Vision, we keep a clear focus on new business and opportunity for positive impact. To that end,

  • when possible, we work with not-for-profit organizations to improve their ability to accomplish their own missions for good, and
  • we believe in giving back with a dedication to betterment of community, education and innovation in our own backyard and around the globe.

We’re also here to help your business give back when the time is right. We’ll help you with the fine print and with the right relationships to effectively do good as an organization. Big or small, your business is likely already making our world better!

If you’re a non-profit, we’re ready to have a conversation about how we can help.

Our experiences as a team are global, and our clients are everywhere.

Whether you represent a software company in France, a biotech company in Canada, a manufacturer in China or professional services firm based in the United States—we are ready to offer you the same level of service.

In all our efforts, we embrace this global identity and collaboration.

Both here in the States and abroad, we have excellent relationships with a wide network of legal, business and financial professionals who provide further assistance to meet your particular legal and business needs.

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