About Us

The Contracts Law Group provides legal services to help you sell your products and services, negotiate and draft contracts, protect your intellectual property, and achieve your business objectives.

Our Mission

The Contracts Law Group is committed to transforming the legal experience for our clients. Dedicated to representing our clients’ interests as our own, we aim to build and nurture relationships that go beyond the mechanics of negotiation and legal representation. We seek not only to serve but also to promote our clients and grow their businesses. We exceed expectations through problem solving and creating value in unexpected ways.

Our Vision

Our roots are in technology. We love rolling up our sleeves with entrepreneurs in the startup space. We work hard to cultivate an inclusive and open-minded perspective to legal needs. We build one-on-one relationships with industry and startup community leaders, general counsels, CEOs and CFOs, sales executives, and business owners.

We keep a clear focus on new business and opportunity for positive community impact. When possible, we work with not-for-profit organizations to improve their ability to accomplish their own missions for good and believe in giving back with a dedication to the betterment of community, education and innovation.

Meet Bill Pyron

A Niche Filled 

Along the way, Bill recognized that businesses were underestimating the importance of contracts as part of their overall success. The traditional way of delivering legal services—especially where contracts were concerned—was expensive, slow, inefficient and brought no real benefit to the businesses as a whole.

Contracts were not finalized in time. Legal professionals in large firms were often unavailable or did not understand business goals and obstacles. High fees made quality legal counsel cost-prohibitive for small organizations and startups. Projects were bogged down in the contracts process and objectives were undermined.

Through a fresh, service-centered approach to contracts, Bill found a remedy to these problems. Today, the team at the Contracts Law Group fills a very important niche and provides a unique value to companies of all sizes across a broad range of industries at home and around the globe.

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